Service and Maintenance

Let’s be blunt here. You wouldn’t buy a car and not have it serviced regularly. Otherwise it might break down, just when you’re off to somewhere important.

Well, guess what? The same goes for fire safety systems.

Imagine a fire taking hold and the alarm not going off in time because the closest detector didn’t do its job.

Not great.


That’s why regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system, fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting systems is important. It’s also a legal requirement.


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Fire Safety Accreditation

Whether it’s a fire alarm system, fire suppression system, fire extinguishers or emergency lighting, you really should choose a third party accredited fire company for servicing and maintenance.


Triple Star Fire and Security are accredited by BAFE. BAFE is the independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies across the UK. That may sound a mouthful so here’s what they actually do. They maintain a national independent register of quality fire safety service providers. Amongst other things, but that’s the bit that applies to us.


BAFE is completely independent. This means they are completely unbiased when registering companies as BAFE accredited.

How do BAFE award accreditation? They regularly audit us to ensure we’re trained in the relevant skills required to perform high quality fire system installations and service visits. They also check that we are installing and maintaining systems to the appropriate standards and assess our competencies and management systems to ensure we deliver what we promise.

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Fire System Maintenance

Our service engineers are top notch. They know all the relevant standards that need to be met to keep your systems compliant, and in tip top working order.


How often do you need your system maintaining?

Well, that all depends on whether it’s a fire alarm, suppression system etc. But it also depends on the size of the system.


Generally speaking, the following applies:


Fire Alarm Systems

Should be maintained at least every 6 months according to BS 5839. Larger and more complex fire alarm systems may need a quarterly service visit.


Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Should be maintained at least every 6 months according to BS 5306.


Fire Extinguishers

These need servicing every year in accordance with BS 5036. Every 5 years water, foam, powder, and wet chemical extinguishers also need a discharge test.


Emergency Lighting 

To comply with BS 5266 standard, a monthly test needs to be carried out. A full discharge test also needs completing by a qualified engineer every 12 months. 

What next?

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