Business Security at Christmas

Shutting down over the Christmas period? Follow these quick tips to keep your business secure.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s important to ensure measures are in place to keep your business secure over the festive period. Many offices, manufacturers and warehouses close over the festive period. And this year due to tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions, even more business premises will be left empty, especially in the hospitality sector.

Following good security practices is essential to keep your business safe ready for your return in the new year.

Ensure Keyholder details are up to date

Your designated keyholders may change over Christmas due to holidays and employee availability. Ensure your monitoring and security company are updated with the latest details so they can contact the correct person should an alarm activation occur.

Ensure security systems are working correctly

If any fire or security systems on site are showing faults, then it’s important to ensure these are rectified prior to closing your premises. Check when they were last serviced, and that all advisory notices have been addressed. If your service visit is due imminently, it may be wise to bring this forward slightly to ensure all systems are in the best condition before the Christmas break.

Keep your security company updated

It’s a good idea to update your security company on your Christmas period opening times. By knowing whether staff are likely to be onsite can reduce the number of false alarms. Similarly, if there is unexpected activity on site when there shouldn’t be, further action can be taken.

Initiate a social media shut down

How can criminals check if your business is likely to be empty over Christmas? Check your social media pages! It’s an ingenious way for criminals to find out valuable opening time information.

Don’t give too much away or be obvious that your business is completely unoccupied. Ask employees to be mindful about what they post too, especially if it’s work related.

Confirm final day responsibilities

It’s best not to leave this decision until the last day, or you risk no-one knowing who is responsible for locking up. Have a run-through of final lock up actions the week before closing and, if possible, ensure there’s more than one person in charge of the final lockdown.

Perform a final security check before final lock up

We advise a number of checks to undertake before leaving your business for Christmas.

These include:

  • Put any expensive equipment in a secure, locked location. Or move out of eyesight if possible.

  • Close all internal doors. In the event of a fire, this can minimise the spread and allow extra time for the fire brigade to arrive, potentially limiting building damage.

  • Ensure all external windows and doors are locked.

  • Unplug all electrical equipment that doesn’t need to be left switched on. This will help minimise electrical fire risk.

  • Check everybody has left the building.

  • Ensure the fire and intruder alarms are set correctly.

Why choose Triple Star Fire & Security?

Triple Star Fire & Security has been protecting businesses in London and the Home Counties against the risk of fire and crime for many years. If you need help ensuring your business is fully protected, then contact us today on 0203 189 1960. Or leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

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