What is it? Well, it quite simply means that if your intruder alarm system or your CCTV system is triggered, a monitoring centre is notified immediately, and it’s dealt with from there.


Imagine if your company is based on a business park. Someone breaks in in the middle of the night triggering the alarm. There are no passers-by to hear it. Or your home is broken into whilst you’re on holiday. Monitoring your security systems makes sense really, doesn’t it?


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Benefits of Security System Monitoring

The cost of recovering from a serious break in can be huge. For a business, there’s replacing equipment, securing the building and then the cost of business disruption. Here’s a few reasons why monitoring works:

  • It’s monitored constantly when the systems are enabled

  • You don’t have to rely on someone passing by to raise the alarm

  • Your business or home stands more chance of sustaining less damage

  • Police response takes away the risk to employees or neighbours having to attend site or your home

  • Work can continue if your premises aren’t badly damaged - helping save jobs

  • Your home can be secured quickly if you’re away

  • It’s easy to install – and low-cost

  • It might save you money on your insurance premiums

How Monitoring Works

It’s quite straightforward.

  • An intruder breaks in

  • The intruder alarm or CCTV system is triggered as soon as the person is detected

  • The security system sends a signal via landline or phone network

  • The signal is received at a dedicated monitoring centre

  • The monitoring centre contacts both the police (if this option is chosen) and nominated key holders

  • If a police response is chosen, they arrive at your site or home to investigate


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We don’t like thieves. Or vandals. Or any criminals. But we do love protecting you, your business and your home from them.


That’s why we only install the best monitoring devices, and why we only work with the best monitoring centres. We want the confidence that your business and home is in the best hands.

What next?

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