Automated Gates and Barriers

Home or business. There’s no doubt that automated gates add an extra element of security to your premises. They also look pretty good too!


Sliding gates, swing gates, or heavy industrial gates for business premises. There’s quite a choice.


But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process.


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Benefits of Automated Gates

  • Secure access to your home or business premises

  • Restrict access to unwanted callers

  • Make it more difficult for criminals to access your business site

  • Reduce mobile guard costs by having automated gates on site

  • Potentially add value to your home

  • Enjoy cheaper insurance premiums (check with your insurer)

  • Tailor made gates to suit your premises

Gate Safety Accreditation

By now you understand automated gate safety is a serious business. So how do you know we’re qualified to install and maintain your gates?

We are listed on the National Register of GateSafe trained installers.


GateSafe exists to:

  • provide independent safety assessments of automated gate installations

  • introduce new initiatives designed to improve the safety of automated gates and barriers

  • educate installers by delivering specialist accredited training every month to ensure installers are constantly improving their understanding of automated gate safety


We are actually GateSafe Premier members. What’s the difference? GateSafe Premier is specifically for larger installers like us. The main difference is that we’ve invested in training a minimum of 80% of our employees in safe and compliant installation and maintenance of automated gates.


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

Automated gate safety is serious. It’s estimated that two thirds of automated gates aren’t installed correctly. That’s a scary thought! Especially when several deaths have been caused by automated gates, including children.

We don’t mean to scare you, but compliance with gate safety can stop more unfortunate incidents. And we love compliance.  


We’re also very choosy about our engineers. Especially when it comes to gate safety. We only use those engineers that are specifically trained for automated gate installation and maintenance anywhere near automated gates.

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