Fire Safety Training

We know running a business takes a lot of time and effort.


We know taking your staff away from their everyday roles for half a day upsets the workflow.


But 1) fire safety training can save lives if the worst happens and 2) it’s the law!


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Can you honestly say that if a fire broke out now, your staff would know how to tackle it?

Would they know which extinguisher to use?

Would they know when to make that call between being able to tackle a fire or evacuating the building?


How an employee acts during the stress of a fire outbreak is crucial to their safety and the safety of other employees around them. As an employer, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure they receive the correct fire safety training to ensure they can deal with a fire in the correct way. 

Fire Safety Training Course

We don’t mess around. We don’t skip bits. This is serious stuff. That’s why our fire safety training course covers everything your employees need to know so they’re comfortable in dealing with a fire appropriately.  

The fire training course covers:

  • Fire Prevention, Precautions and Procedures

  • Fire Hazards and how to identify them

  • Components of the Fire Triangle

  • Sources of Fuel and Ignition

  • Fire Spread - Conduction, Convection and Radiation

  • Fire Safety Legislation and why it’s important

  • Means of Escape and Evacuation Procedures

  • Classification of Fires

  • Fire Extinguishers including the different types and how to identify them

  • Practical experience of using fire extinguishers on live fires 

How long does the Fire Safety Training take?

The fire safety training takes 2-3 hours.


This can vary depending on the number of attendees on the course. If there’s quite a few, the practical training element will take a little longer. That’s expected.


It may also take a little longer as we like to make sure all attendees are confident in using fire extinguishers. There’s little point training someone how to use an extinguisher if at the end they’re still afraid to use it.

So it may take a little longer to make sure everyone gets to the final stage.

Benefits to You and Your Employees

Once the fire awareness training is completed, you can be confident that your employees:

  • understand and can identify the different types of fire

  • know which type of fire extinguisher to use on each class of fire

  • are competent in the use of a fire extinguisher

  • know when to concentrate on building evacuation rather than tackling a fire

  • feel confident that you as an employer are providing the relevant training to keep them safe


Your business will also:

  • be better protected from the risk of fire

  • be compliant with fire safety legislation

  • foster a sound fire safety culture


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We take fire compliance seriously. When we come across bad examples of fire safety, it keeps us up at night. Don’t be one of the bad examples that affects our sleep, let us help make sure your people are safe and you’re compliant with the law.


Why else choose us? Well, we’re fairly flexible. We know every company is different, so we’ll deliver your fire safety training course on-site, at a time to suit you. Employees working shift patterns? No problem. We can stagger times to ensure everyone receives their fire safety training when they’re in work.

What next?

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