Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments.

We can’t emphasise enough how important they are.

Virtually all non-domestic premises need one by law. That law is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO).


Sounds serious, right?


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Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

As we just said ‘virtually all’ non-domestic premises need a fire risk assessment. So, what’s the criteria? If your business employs more than five people, you need one. It is your responsibility and legal obligation to ensure a recent fire risk assessment is in place and that all recommendations from the assessment are fulfilled.


As well as the ‘five people’ rule, the following buildings need a fire risk assessment by law:

  • Blocks of flats

  • Factories and warehouses

  • Hotels and guest houses

  • Houses of multiple occupation

  • Office buildings

  • Places of assembly, such as pubs and churches

  • Retail outlets

  • Residential care and nursing homes

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Theatres, cinemas and similar premises

Fire Safety Accreditation

Our fire risk assessor is a full member of the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE). The IFE was founded in 1918, so it’s been around for a while. The IFE assesses knowledge of fire and professional experience of individuals in the industry to award internationally recognised membership.


It’s not easy to become IFE accredited. To be included on the IFE’s Fire Risk Assessors’ Register a risk assessor must demonstrate high levels of competency in fire safety and fire risk assessment. Examples of work are reviewed by a Professional Review Panel, and ongoing CPD hours must be completed to maintain membership.


Naturally our fire risk assessor is IFE accredited. We know you wouldn’t expect anything less. And we wouldn’t provide anything less. We like giving you the confidence knowing that your fire risk assessment is carried out to the highest quality, and all risks are identified. 

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What does a Fire Risk Assessment entail?

It does what it says really. Assesses fire risks. Sounds simple, but it is a bit more detailed than that.


A fire risk assessment should identify the fire hazards in the workplace and identify the people at risk.


We’ll need to do a full physical inspection of your site to consider:

  • emergency routes and exits

  • fire detection and warning systems

  • fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers

  • siting, storage or removal of dangerous substances

  • an emergency fire evacuation plan

  • the needs of vulnerable people, for example the elderly, young children or those with disabilities

  • provision of information to employees and other people on the premises

  • employee fire safety training


Shortly after our visit, we’ll send you your fire risk assessment document. It will include information on how to reduce or remove any fire risks identified, details on preparing an emergency plan and fire safety training required for your employees.


It doesn’t stop there though. You need to have your fire risk assessment reviewed on a regular basis. We recommend it is reviewed annually. Just to ensure you remain compliant with the fire safety legislation. However, if an area of your building or site changes what it is used for, or there are any building additions such as an extension, you must have your fire risk assessment reviewed immediately. 

How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost?

How long is a piece of string?

We cost a fire risk assessment based on the size of your building and site, the type of business run from there and the day-to-day operations that occur on-site.


You’ll probably shop around for quotes. That’s fine, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

What we will say though is that fire risk assessments quotations can vary dramatically. Why? It’s like everything else in life – you pay for what you get. We don’t charge the earth. But we do feel very strongly that competency is far more important than value for money.


If you do choose us for your fire risk assessment (and we hope you do) you can be assured that:

  • It will be completed by a fully qualified fire risk assessor

  • It will address every single fire risk within your site  


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We have decades of experience in the fire industry. We also take compliance seriously. Very seriously. That’s why we have complete trust in our highly skilled fire risk assessor. He knows his stuff!

He will assess all areas of your business premises. This is to make sure you receive only the highest quality, most comprehensive fire risk assessment document. Not only does this mean every single fire risk has been identified, it also gives a sound basis from which to design your fire alarm system for installation.

What next?

If you’ve got this far, we’re guessing you need a fire risk assessment. Or an existing one reviewing. Pick up the phone and give us a call for a chat on 0203 189 1960. Or just fill in your details above. It’s that simple.

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