Addressable Fire Alarm

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms.


Every business should have one (well most should, we can go into that later).

It’s also the law that your business premises and your employees are protected from the risk of fire.


So, let’s talk about keeping you compliant with legislation, and providing your staff with the security of knowing they’re protected.


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Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We live and breathe fire. No, not like a dragon. But we are passionate about what we do, and we take fire safety compliance very seriously.


We’re also very choosy about our engineers. They’re a special breed, and we only let those who match our passion for the industry join the Triple Star team. Experience and knowledge counts for a lot, but the drive to make sure a fire alarm installation is done properly, and more importantly compliantly, is the key.

Fire Safety Accreditation

Choosing a company that’s accredited by a third party is important. Why?

Because it’s the one thing that ensures you’re protected, and that you’re using a competent company.


All our fire alarm systems are designed, installed, commissioned and maintained to BAFE SP203-1 accreditation.


So, who are BAFE?


They’ve been around for years.

BAFE is the independent, third-party certification organisation for the fire protection industry. They come along and regularly audit us to assess our competency in providing fire protection services.

Each business site is different. Therefore, each fire alarm system should be too. Choosing Triple Star for your fire alarm installation means you can be confident we’ll get it right. Your installation and ongoing fire alarm system maintenance will be to the highest standards and fully conform to all legislative requirements. And because we’re BAFE accredited, you can be sure of this.

Triple Star are also members of the Fire & Security Association (FSA). FSA membership is only available to companies who:

  • achieve the highest levels of certification in the fire and security industry

  • consistently deliver the highest calibre of work possible

So that’s two accreditations. Hopefully that’s enough to provide you with the peace of mind that you’ll receive a superior quality, expertly designed fire alarm system to keep you, your business and your people safe.


Premium Quality Fire Alarm Systems

Naturally, we only select the best fire alarm systems to install. We expect that you’d expect nothing less.


We are a Notifier Gold Partner. There’s not actually that many of them in the UK so this is something we’re quite proud of. Notifier Gold Partner status recognises Triple Star’s commitment to Notifier system technical capability and the continuous development of engineering skills and training.


We also install and maintain fire alarm systems and detectors from other carefully selected manufacturers. All fire alarm system manufacturers offer something slightly different, so we’ll choose the best one suited to your site. These include:

  • Morley

  • Kentec

  • Advanced

  • Eaton

  • EMS

  • Hyfire

  • Hochiki

  • System Sensor

  • Apollo

So What's The Process?


1 – Fire Risk Assessment

This bit is really important.


Before you even think about having a fire alarm system installed, you must have a fire risk assessment. Why? Because it assesses your whole business premises for areas at most risk of fire, and states which level of fire alarm system you need. Once we have this, we know what we’re working with.


2 – Full Site Survey

We need to see your site!


How can we possibly know which fire alarm system suits your site best without seeing it? We’ll send along one of our fire safety consultants to do a full site survey. Along with the fire risk assessment, this allows us work out the best solution for you.


3 – Fire Alarm System Design

This is the techy bit. And the legal bit.


Our in-house technical design team are nothing short of amazing. They know every bit of fire safety legislation there is to know. Which is really important when they’re designing a fire alarm system that is compliant to BAFE SP203-1. Once they’ve done the important bit, we’ll present a quotation for the work to you and answer any questions you may have.


4 – Commissioning and Handover

So that’s it! Your new fire alarm system is installed!


Well, not quite.


We’ll need to commission the system for you. Which means we thoroughly test it to the recommendations of the appropriate British Standard – BS 5839:1. After that we’ll issue a BAFE Certificate of Conformity. This is your proof that your system complies with current fire safety legislation.


It doesn’t quite end there (told you we take our work seriously).


Our installation engineer will then show you how to use the system and how to perform weekly tests to ensure the system is fully operational. You’ll also receive a Fire Safety Log Book. This is where you need to record all fire alarm system weekly tests, system notices, and employee fire safety training.

What next?

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If you’re looking for a new fire alarm system installation, or additional works to an existing fire alarm system then we can help. Our expert fire team will discuss your requirements and lead you through the next steps.

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