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Fire Alarm Management


It’s the name of a cloud formation. These clouds are dark and seen during a thunderstorm.

Thankfully, that’s not the kind of Nimbus we have here. Although it does have something to do with a cloud. Confused? Let us explain.


Nimbus is an effective fire alarm management tool that can both improve engineer performance and productivity and reduce costs.

It connects to your existing fire alarm systems to provide a complete cloud-based fire alarm management solution. Sounds good, right? Then read on.


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What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is an innovative fire alarm management system that provides remote monitoring and control of your systems. All activity is recorded to a cloud-based database so wherever you are in the world, you have complete control over your fire alarm systems.

More specifically, it:

  • Replaces the need for a conventional log book

  • Automates routine tasks

  • Manages weekly fire alarm testing data

  • Provides comprehensive log of which devices have been tested and which are due for testing

  • Monitors and measures service performance

  • Reporting function for full, transparent management of systems

How Nimbus Works for You

The Nimbus fire alarm management tool has a few elements which work together to provide a complete fire alarm management solution. Let us explain a bit more about each below.


Nimbus Notify


Nimbus Notify delivers Nimbus fire alarm event notifications to your Android or iPhone device. It uses push notifications to send Nimbus events to your smartphone. By displaying notifications when your smartphone is locked, you can be sure to never miss important events such as fire alarm activations.


Nimbus Notify allows you to:

  • Receive live Nimbus event notifications

  • Subscribe to specific event notifications such as

    • Confirmed Fire

    • Fire alarm

    • Reset

    • Fault

    • and any Nimbus Event Type...

  • View full notification information including

    • Client

    • Site

    • Event type

    • Device description (panel, loop, address, sub address, zone, device descriptive label)

  • Submit feedback to other users

    • Clear false alarms

    • Record the reason for a fault


Nimbus Engineer


Nimbus Engineer is an android app that records engineers’ notes whilst testing. This data is then sent to Nimbus and all activity logs, comments, photographs and bar codes are recorded against each device within the current Nimbus service period.

Nimbus Engineer allows you to:

  • receive confirmation once tests are conducted

  • schedule specific devices to be serviced in that period

  • record and log comments, photographs and bar codes against each device

  • log potential small works requirements and upgrades

Nimbus Weekly Test

Nimbus Weekly Test is also an android app that notifies users of a pending ‘fire alarm weekly test’. The notification will also include specific instructions of which Manual Call Points (MCPs) should be tested.


As each test is conducted, the user receives a notification and all information is logged to the Nimbus database. Photographs and comments can also be added to the testing data where necessary.


The Weekly Test app can be configured to notify when the test should be performed, how many MCPs to test and which ones specifically. Reminders can also be scheduled before and after the test such as ‘contact ARC to inform a test is about to be carried out’.


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We love fire safety compliance.


We also like making fire alarm management a little easier to manage.


Which is why we offer the option where possible of installing the Nimbus add-on to your fire alarm system. Nimbus fire alarm management assists in complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and significantly improves efficiency of fire alarm maintenance.

What next?

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