CCTV Systems

According to recent research, CCTV systems are the number one deterrent for intruders – for both home and business. Coming above intruder alarms! Seems those criminals don’t like to be recorded.


But catching criminals isn’t the only use for CCTV in commercial premises. Far from it.

Think health and safety monitoring, timekeeping, ANPR for car parks.

There’s a whole array of uses for CCTV systems, so naturally every CCTV design and installation will be different.


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Security System Accreditation

It’s a wise decision to choose a third-party accredited CCTV system installer.


Triple Star Fire and Security are accredited by SSAIB for all CCTV system installations.


SSAIB is the leading certification body for companies providing security systems and services. Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence, and highly regarded in the security industry. So, it’s kind of a big thing.


As a registered company we need to meet strict criteria to uphold our certification. They come along every so often to audit our CCTV installations and screen our business practices. In addition to this, they check that our services comply with the requirements of international, European or British Standards, or SSAIB Codes of Practice as appropriate.


Premium Quality CCTV Systems

We expect that you expect the best. That’s what we deliver. And we do that by only installing the best CCTV equipment.


The brands we install are:

  • IDIS

  • Hikvision

  • Videoteckna


These manufacturers have been around for years. They deliver innovative, top quality and reliable CCTV products for every type of security and safety installation. And because the CCTV market is constantly developing and moving forward, so do they. That’ll do for us!


We also service and maintain CCTV systems from other manufacturers. And if the CCTV options above aren’t quite right for your home or business, we work with a few different carefully selected CCTV system manufacturers to make sure you get the system that’s right for you.


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

We don’t really like criminals. And we also have many years’ experience in protecting buildings from them – whether it’s your home or your business. So, if it’s the criminals you want to deter then let us put our expertise to good use and get you protected.


We’re also top notch at designing and installing larger or more complex systems for commercial sites. ANPR, thermal CCTV, staff monitoring…. Whatever the purpose of your CCTV system, we know how to design and install it properly, so it meets all objectives first time.

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