Access Control

Access Control.

Let’s you always know who’s coming and going, at all times. Perfect for the nosey ones amongst us!


But let’s get down to business. Access control systems obviously aren’t just for that. They have many uses in a commercial setting that helps to keep your business safe and secure.


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Uses of Access Control

Access control is exactly that. A method of controlling access. But other than letting people in and out of a building, what else can it be used for?


Keeping track of employees

Whether it’s timekeeping, knowing if someone has arrived for work that day, which areas of the building people are in.


Secure sensitive areas 

Internal access control can allow only designated employees access into specific areas of the building.


Occupancy Management

Know exactly how many people are on-site at any time to assist with emergency evacuations.


No more worrying about keys

When an employee leaves the business, there’s no worrying about them returning keys to the premises. Simply remove their access on the system to keep your building secure.

Security System Accreditation

When having an access control system designed and installed, it’s wise to choose a third-party accredited security system installer.


Triple Star Fire and Security are accredited by SSAIB for all access control system installations.


SSAIB is the leading certification body for companies providing security systems and services. Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence, and highly regarded in the security industry. So, it’s kind of a big thing.


As a registered company we need to meet strict criteria to uphold our certification. They come along every so often to audit our access control installations and screen our business practices. In addition to this, they check that our services comply with the requirements of international, European or British Standards, or SSAIB Codes of Practice as appropriate.

Premium Quality Access Control Systems

As we’ve already said, we only work with the best access control system manufacturers for new installations. We expect that you’d expect nothing less.


That’s why we only install Paxton access control systems. Paxton have been around for more than three decades. They design and manufacture market-leading access control systems and are constantly looking to develop new security solutions. Every year, their products are used to secure 25,000 buildings globally. They’re one of the market leaders in their field.


We also look after and maintain access control systems from other manufacturers. And if the Paxton solutions aren’t quite right for your business, we work with a few other carefully selected access control system manufacturers.


Why Triple Star Fire & Security?

Securing buildings makes us happy. And knowing your building is safe allows us to sleep at night.


On a serious note though, we do have several years’ experience in designing and installing access control systems. And as you’d expect, we only work with the best access control equipment so you know your access control system will be top notch equipment.

What next?

If you’re looking for a new access control system, or additional works to an existing access control system then we can help.


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