About Us

We were established in 2006. That’s quite a while ago now since we set off on this journey, building a new business. But we have experience in the fire and security industry going back much further than that. Some of our engineers have also been around much much longer than that! We won’t get into figures though; we don’t want to upset them.


As well as the years of experience, we’re also quite proud of our stance in the fire and security industry. We don’t like shoddy work. We don’t like when people don’t take their responsibilities seriously. And we don’t like putting people’s lives at risk unnecessarily.

What we do like is high standards of work. We like helping companies be compliant with the relevant legislation. And we most certainly like making sure lives are protected.


We are also passionate about improving standards within the fire and security industry. Our MD regularly lobbies for industry standards to be upheld and improved. He is also Chairman of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the UK's leading trade association representing and supporting the interests of electrotechnical and building engineering services contractors. That’s quite a big deal.


We also invest heavily in our engineering team. They are the face to face contact between you and Triple Star. Yes, we like experience, but we also like demonstration and commitment to providing the highest standard of work and the highest level of customer service. 


One thing you can be sure of from using Triple Star is that we’ll work with you to ensure your business is compliant, and your staff and premises are protected from the risk of fire and crime.